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Welcome to

the Emerald Hive

Welcome to The Emerald Hive, where busy bees of creativity swarm together! We're not your average art gallery – we're a buzzing art sanctuary in Fairlawn, Ohio, empowering artists to sell their masterpieces without being stuck on-site. Our hive offers private artist rooms, public displays, and vibrant community events, ensuring art thrives both within our walls and beyond. Join our hive, and let your creativity take flight!

Become a Resident Artist

Image by Meggyn Pomerleau

A hive of artistic minds, connected by a shared love for creation.

Where artists gather and inspiration thrives.

In the hive, dreams are woven into reality.

Our Services

Private Rooms

Your private art studio awaits - Buzz into the Emerald Hive's Private Rooms.

Artist Promotion

Each Artist will have an exclusive part of our website to create a personal aesthetic to showcase their style and personality!


The Emerald Hive's calendar shows all upcoming events and exhibitions in the future. Look out for those dates!

Meet the Founder

of The Emerald Hive

We hope to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and open to create!

Lisa Yedidsion

Founder and CEO of The Emerald Hive

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