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Say Hello to our Busy Bees!

Our artists are the heartbeat of our creative community, bringing their visions to life in captivating and innovative ways. With a diverse range of styles, each artist's work resonates with their unique perspective and artistic expression. Each artist also has their very own feature page that will be here! Our artists captivate hearts and minds through intricate brushstrokes, captivating color palettes, or thought-provoking compositions. Explore their creations and be inspired by the passion and creativity that define 'The Emerald Hive' experience.

George Roush

George Roush’s contemporary abstract paintings represent some of the finest in the country. His paintings speak for themselves. However, when he does speak to you about his experiences and journey, you can't help but appreciate his fine art even more. Roush is a native of Akron, Ohio, but has lived in NYC and shown worldwide. George ascribes his work to the "Anti-Style" school. He finds his ideas for a particular work from subconscious messages that tend to work their way to the surface, and he translates this mental driftwood in the manner in which it presents itself, this method enables him to be as honest as possible about translation and execution.

Harvey Krieger

After retiring from practicing pharmacy, Harvey Krieger has found a new way to bring joy and relaxation to others through his photography. 


Harvey's framed tabletop and wall hanging photo art as well as photo cards can be found at The "Emerald Hive " Gallery in Fairlawn, Ohio, The Maltz Museum in Cleveland, Ohio, and various shops in Akron. 

Harvey Krieger of "HK Images" can be contacted at

Robert Barrett

Robert specializes  in Handmade pottery, tiles,
beads, and buttons with patterns from nature, fired in the kiln in his
studio and sold at craft fairs and galleries in Northeast Ohio.

Deborah Shapiro

During recovery from jaw surgery in 2013, Deborah's mother gave her magazines to keep her occupied. Thinking that they were colorful, she began to rip them up and turn them into art. Since then, she sold her artworks in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She also occasionally teaches classes in person and online.

Deborah has received press from PBS, New Day Cleveland, Golden Opportunities, and a mini-documentary that was shown in Turkey

Currently, Deborah lives in Bath, Ohio with her husband, rough collie, and a very old cat.

Deborah's art style weaves a sense of realism within her subject and a sense of abstraction through details. The focus of her art gravitates toward beloved themes such as animals, nature, and beauty found in everyday occurrences. All of Deborah's works are created from magazines, and no paint is used.

Deborah utilizes this art style because there is so much to be seen up close. It makes you stop for a moment and appreciate the small things. Deborah hopes that her art reminds viewers to do the same in life and that it brings them as much joy as it does for her to make them.

Deborah's awards include: 2023 Honorable Mention, Arts in the Park, Port Clinton, OH

2021 Best of Show, Akron Arts Expo, Akron, OH

2021 Jurors Award, May Show at Lakeland, Kirtland, OH

2018 Honorable Mention from Boston Mills Artfest, Peninsula, OH

2017 1st Place for Non-Traditional

Scott Thomas Furniture

Ramona Yedidsion

Our Creative Founder

If you would like to learn about the one who started it all, this is where you can learn! This wonderful and creative lady is behind the Emerald Hive. She is the heart and foundation that is the Hive. We welcome you with open arms!

Founder / Artist 



Lisa is an Akron native and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She is over the moon to bring that spirit and her true passion for art and design together with the collaboration of The Emerald Hive.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Business Communication from Kent State University, Lisa traveled Europe to prepare herself for the real world that awaited her upon her return to the States. Corporate America is where she found her niche, especially in managing people and using her entrepreneurial style to drive performance at a business level.

Lisas's hobbies include taking old furniture and giving it a makeover, spending time with her two dogs and family, and being outside in the wonders that nature has to offer. She is looking forward to bringing artists and designers together in an effort to promote the arts within our community. 

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